cycling in albir

A Guide to Cycling Routes in and Around Albir

Cycling in Albir, a picturesque town located on the Costa Blanca in Spain, offers an exhilarating blend of coastal beauty, cultural richness, and varied terrain. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, the area around Albir provides a range of routes to suit every level of experience and interest. This guide aims to explore some of the best cycling routes in and around Albir, highlighting their unique features and what makes them worth exploring.

Cycling Routes in and Around Albir

1. The Albir Coastal Ride

One of the most scenic and leisurely routes is the Albir Coastal Ride. This route takes cyclists along the beautiful coastline, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The ride is relatively flat, making it ideal for beginners or those looking for a relaxed cycling experience. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to stop at local beaches, such as Playa del Albir, for a refreshing swim or to enjoy a picnic.

  • Distance: Approximately 10-15 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Flat and paved.
  • Highlights: Coastal views, beach stops, lighthouse visit.

2. The Altea Hills Challenge

For those seeking a more challenging ride, the Altea Hills route is a must-try. This route takes cyclists through the rolling hills surrounding the nearby town of Altea, providing a good workout with its steep inclines and descents. The reward for this challenging ride is the stunning panoramic views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside.

  • Distance: Approximately 20-30 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Hilly and mixed (paved and gravel paths).
  • Highlights: Panoramic views, challenging climbs, picturesque villages.

3. The Guadalest Valley Adventure

The ride to Guadalest Valley is a favorite among intermediate and advanced cyclists. This route takes you through a diverse landscape, from the coastal plains of Albir up to the mountainous terrain of the valley. Guadalest itself is a historic town with a castle perched on a pinnacle, offering an insight into the region's rich history.

  • Distance: Approximately 40-50 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Varied, with significant elevation gain.
  • Highlights: Historic Guadalest town, mountain scenery, reservoir views.

4. The Sierra Helada National Park Trail

Sierra Helada National Park offers a unique cycling experience with its protected natural landscapes. This route, suitable for intermediate cyclists, winds through the park and offers stunning views of both the sea and the mountains. The park is also a great place for bird-watching and spotting local wildlife.

  • Distance: Approximately 25-35 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Mixed, with some off-road trails. Highlights:
  • Natural landscapes, wildlife, sea and mountain views.

5. The Callosa d'En Sarrià Orchards Route

For a taste of local agriculture and culture, the cycling route to Callosa d'En Sarrià is a delightful choice. This route takes you through the lush orchards where the famous Nisperos (loquats) are grown. It's a relatively easy ride, suitable for all levels, and offers a chance to experience the rural charm of the Costa Blanca.

  • Distance: Approximately 15-25 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Mostly flat and paved.
  • Highlights: Orchards, local produce, rural scenery.

6. The L'Albir to Villajoyosa Coastal Trail

This route extends from L'Albir to the colorful town of Villajoyosa. It is known for its charming houses painted in an array of bright colors. The ride is scenic, with coastal views dominating the landscape. Villajoyosa is also famous for its chocolate factories, making it a sweet destination for cyclists.

  • Distance: Approximately 20-30 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Mostly flat with some gentle hills.
  • Highlights: Coastal views, colorful Villajoyosa, chocolate factories.

7. The Benidorm City Loop

For a more urban cycling experience, the Benidorm City Loop is an excellent choice. This route takes you through the bustling streets of Benidorm, one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa Blanca. The ride can be combined with a visit to the city's beaches or its famous promenade.

  • Distance: Approximately 10-20 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Urban, flat, and paved.
  • Highlights: City views, beaches, promenade.

8. The Serra Gelada Lighthouse Route

Another great option is the route to the Serra Gelada Lighthouse. This path is known for its stunning views of the Mediterranean and the rugged coastline. The lighthouse itself is a historical landmark and offers a glimpse into the maritime history of the area.

  • Distance: Approximately 15-20 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Mixed with some challenging hills.
  • Highlights: Lighthouse, sea views, historical interest.

9. The Cross-Country Finestrat Trail

For off-road enthusiasts, the Finestrat Trail offers an exciting cross-country experience. This route takes you through varied landscapes, including forests and rugged terrain, and requires a good level of fitness and off-road cycling skills.

  • Distance: Approximately 30-40 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Off-road, challenging.
  • Highlights: Forests, rugged terrain, adventure cycling.

10. The Vineyards of Jalon Valley Ride

Finally, for a blend of cycling and gastronomy, the ride through the Jalon Valley is not to be missed. This route is famous for its vineyards and offers an opportunity to sample local wines and cuisine. The ride is moderately challenging with some hills but is well worth the effort.

  • Distance: Approximately 30-40 kilometers.
  • Terrain: Varied with some hills.
  • Highlights: Vineyards, wine tasting, local cuisine.


In conclusion, Albir and its surroundings offer a diverse array of cycling routes that cater to all levels of cyclists. From leisurely coastal rides to challenging mountain trails, each route provides a unique way to explore the beauty and culture of the Costa Blanca. Remember to respect traffic rules, wear appropriate safety gear, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best cycling routes for beginners in Albir?

The Albir Coastal Ride and the Callosa d'En Sarrià Orchards Route are ideal for beginners, offering flat and scenic paths.

Are there any challenging cycling routes near Albir for experienced riders?

Yes, the Altea Hills Challenge and the Guadalest Valley Adventure offer steep inclines and varied terrain for more experienced cyclists.

Can I find off-road cycling trails in the Albir area?

Absolutely, the Sierra Helada National Park Trail and the Cross-Country Finestrat Trail are perfect for off-road cycling enthusiasts.

Is there a route that combines cycling with cultural experiences?

The L'Albir to Villajoyosa Coastal Trail is great for experiencing local culture, including the colorful town of Villajoyosa and its chocolate factories.

Are there any cycling routes suitable for wine enthusiasts in Albir?

The Vineyards of Jalon Valley Ride is an excellent choice for cyclists interested in wine tasting and exploring local vineyards