Mundomar Sea World

Mundomar Sea World: A Marine Oasis in the Heart of Spain

Nestled in the vibrant coastal city of Benidorm, Spain, Mundomar Sea World emerges as a captivating attraction for visitors of all ages. This marine and exotic animal park, spread over 60,000 square meters, blends the allure of aquatic life with the charm of tropical species, offering an immersive experience into the wonders of nature. This article delves into the various aspects of Mundomar, including its exhibits, conservation efforts, interactive experiences, and educational programs, highlighting why it is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Benidorm.

Mundomar Dolphin Show

The dolphin show at Mundomar Sea World Benidorm is a spectacular display that captivates audiences of all ages. Set in a large, beautifully designed pool, these intelligent and graceful creatures perform a series of awe-inspiring acrobatics, showcasing their agility and the strong bond they share with their trainers. The show not only entertains but also educates visitors about the natural behaviors and capabilities of dolphins. Accompanied by music and commentary, the performance is a perfect blend of entertainment and informative content, making it a highlight of any visit to Mundomar. The dolphins' playful nature and the trainers' dedication to their wellbeing shine throughout the show, creating an unforgettable experience that echoes the park's commitment to conservation and animal care

An Overview of Mundomar

Mundomar, which translates to "Sea World" in English, was established with the vision of creating a unique space where visitors could interact with marine and exotic animals in an environment that closely mimics their natural habitats. The park is designed to promote awareness and respect for wildlife, emphasizing the importance of conservation and environmental protection. Mundomar is home to a diverse range of species, from playful dolphins and sea lions to exotic birds and reptiles.

The Exhibits: A Glimpse into Aquatic Life

One of the highlights of Mundomar is its array of exhibits, which are meticulously crafted to offer visitors a close-up view of various marine and exotic animals. The dolphin exhibit, for instance, is a crowd favorite. Here, visitors can watch these intelligent creatures perform acrobatic tricks, demonstrating their agility and playfulness. The sea lion exhibit is another popular spot, where these friendly animals showcase their skills and interact closely with their trainers.

Beyond marine mammals, Mundomar also houses a fascinating collection of exotic birds. The park's aviary is a haven for different species of parrots, toucans, and other colorful birds, creating a tropical paradise that captivates visitors. The flamingo pond adds a splash of pink to the park's landscape, while the penguin enclosure, designed to replicate the Antarctic environment, provides a glimpse into the life of these adorable birds.

Conservation Efforts: Protecting Marine Life

Mundomar is deeply committed to the conservation of marine and exotic species. The park participates in various breeding programs aimed at preserving endangered species. It also collaborates with international organizations to promote research and conservation activities. The park's rehabilitation center is a testament to its dedication to wildlife preservation, where injured or sick animals receive expert care and attention.

Interactive Experiences: Engaging with Nature

One of the unique aspects of Mundomar is the opportunity for visitors to engage directly with the animals. The park offers various interactive experiences, such as the dolphin encounter, where visitors can enter the water and interact with these magnificent creatures under the guidance of professional trainers. Similarly, the sea lion encounter provides a chance to learn about these animals' habits and behaviors while enjoying a close interaction.

For those interested in avian species, the park offers a parrot show where these intelligent birds display their impressive cognitive abilities and playful nature. Additionally, visitors can participate in feeding sessions, offering a hands-on experience with some of the park's inhabitants.

Educational Programs: Learning and Fun

Mundomar places a strong emphasis on education, aiming to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature in its visitors. The park organizes various educational programs for school groups and families, focusing on the importance of preserving the natural world. These programs are designed to be interactive and engaging, making learning about conservation and animal behavior enjoyable for participants of all ages.

Accessibility and Facilities

Mundomar is accessible to visitors with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the park's offerings. The park's layout is wheelchair-friendly, with ramps and specialized facilities available throughout. Additionally, Mundomar provides a range of amenities, including restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops, making it convenient for visitors to spend an entire day exploring the park.

Special Events and Seasonal Activities

Throughout the year, Mundomar hosts various special events and seasonal activities, adding an extra layer of excitement to the visitor experience. These events range from Halloween-themed programs to Christmas celebrations, each uniquely designed to blend the festive spirit with the park's natural ambiance.

The Impact of Mundomar on Local Tourism

Mundomar plays a significant role in boosting local tourism in Benidorm. The park attracts thousands of visitors annually, contributing to the city's economy and highlighting its status as a family-friendly destination. Its presence has also raised awareness of environmental issues among locals and tourists alike, fostering a community that values and respects nature.


Mundomar Sea World Benidorm is ideally situated in the picturesque coastal town of Benidorm, a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches and vibrant atmosphere. Located in the province of Alicante, on Spain's eastern coast, the park is easily accessible and adds to the charm of this Mediterranean paradise. The exact address of Mundomar is Sierra Helada, s/n, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain. Nestled against the backdrop of the Sierra Helada mountain range, the park offers not just an immersive experience with marine and exotic animals, but also spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Its proximity to other attractions in Benidorm, including beaches, resorts, and entertainment venues, makes Mundomar an ideal spot for tourists seeking a comprehensive experience of this lively Spanish city


For those seeking more information about Mundomar Sea World Benidorm or wishing to plan their visit, the park's official website offers a wealth of resources. Accessible at, the website is a comprehensive portal where visitors can find detailed information about the park's attractions, exhibits, and interactive experiences. It also provides practical information, including opening hours, ticket prices, and special event schedules. The website is user-friendly, with options to purchase tickets online, which is convenient for visitors looking to streamline their visit. Additionally, it features a section on conservation efforts and educational programs, highlighting Mundomar's commitment to wildlife preservation. With vibrant photos and helpful insights, the website is an essential tool for anyone planning to explore the wonders of Mundomar Sea World Benidorm


Benidorm's tourist attractions, offering an unparalleled blend of entertainment, education, and conservation. Its diverse range of exhibits, from the exhilarating dolphin shows to the serene flamingo ponds, offers something for every visitor, making it an ideal destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone interested in marine life. The park's commitment to conservation and the well-being of its inhabitants speaks volumes about its role in promoting environmental stewardship. Furthermore, its interactive experiences and educational programs provide valuable insights into the natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for wildlife among visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What species can be seen at Mundomar Sea World Benidorm?

Mundomar is home to a variety of marine and exotic animals, including dolphins, sea lions, penguins, parrots, flamingos, and other tropical birds.

Does Mundomar offer interactive experiences with animals?

Yes, visitors can enjoy interactive experiences such as dolphin and sea lion encounters, participate in feeding sessions, and attend educational shows.

Is Mundomar involved in conservation efforts?

Mundomar actively participates in conservation initiatives, including breeding programs for endangered species and operates a rehabilitation center for injured wildlife.

Are there educational programs available at Mundomar?

Mundomar offers various educational programs aimed at promoting awareness about wildlife conservation, tailored for school groups and families.

Is the park accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, Mundomar is designed to be accessible, with wheelchair-friendly pathways and facilities to ensure a comfortable experience for all visitors