Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura Benidorm: A Journey into Wildlife and Nature

Terra Natura Benidorm is more than just a zoo. It's a foray into the natural world, an educational journey, and an unforgettable experience rolled into one. Located in the vibrant city of Benidorm, Spain, Terra Natura stands out as a unique wildlife park that offers visitors a chance to explore the animal kingdom in a way that's both engaging and respectful to the creatures it houses.

The Concept of 'Zooimmersion'

At the heart of Terra Natura's philosophy is the concept of 'zooimmersion', a design strategy that allows visitors to come into close contact with animals without visible barriers. This innovative approach is evident throughout the park, where traditional fencing is replaced with natural barriers like rivers, ponds, and rocks. This setup not only gives the animals a semblance of their natural habitat but also enhances the visitor's experience, making them feel as if they are part of the animals' world.

The Park's Layout

Terra Natura Benidorm is spread over 320,000 square meters and is divided into four zones, each representing a different geographic region: Pangea, America, Asia, and Europe. This division is not just geographical but also thematic, offering visitors a comprehensive understanding of each region's flora, fauna, and culture.


Pangea, named after the supercontinent, serves as the entrance to Terra Natura. Here, visitors are greeted with mysterious sounds and sights that mimic an erupting volcano environment. This zone is home to venomous and peculiar creatures like snakes, spiders, and other invertebrates, setting the tone for an adventurous visit.


The American zone transports visitors to the continent's diverse ecosystems, from the humid tropical jungles to the Andean mountains. One can marvel at the spectacle of colorful birds, be amazed by the jaguars, or learn about the habits of the American bison. The zone is not just about animal exhibits; it's interspersed with replicas of Mayan ruins, giving a cultural depth to the experience.


In the Asian zone, the highlight is undoubtedly the elephant enclosure, where these majestic creatures can be seen in a setting that closely resembles their natural habitat. The zone also houses other Asian species like tigers and Indian rhinoceroses. Architectural elements like a traditional Thai village add to the authenticity of the experience.


The European zone might seem less exotic, but it is equally engaging with its focus on the continent's wildlife. From the Iberian wolves to the brown bears, the zone offers an insight into the animals that are part of Europe's natural heritage.

Educational Focus

Education is a key component of Terra Natura Benidorm's mission. The park not only aims to entertain but also to educate its visitors about the importance of conservation and respect for nature. Interactive exhibits, informative placards, and educational talks by the staff are commonplace, making each visit both enjoyable and enlightening.

Conservation Efforts

Terra Natura is not just a showcase of wildlife; it is also actively involved in conservation efforts. The park participates in various European Endangered species Programmes (EEP), focusing on the breeding of endangered species. Their efforts extend beyond the confines of the park, contributing to conservation projects worldwide.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Beyond wildlife, Terra Natura Benidorm offers various entertainment options for families. The park hosts shows and activities that are both fun and educational. The Aqua Natura water park, adjacent to Terra Natura, is a favorite for families looking to cool off in the summer, offering water slides, wave pools, and a children's area.

Gastronomic Delights

To complement the experience, the park offers a range of dining options. Each zone has themed restaurants and cafes that serve a variety of foods, from local Spanish cuisine to international dishes. The dining experience is designed to align with the cultural environment of each zone, adding an extra layer of immersion to the visit.

Accessibility and Facilities

Terra Natura is designed to be accessible to everyone. The park offers wheelchair-friendly paths, and facilities like restrooms and dining areas are designed keeping in mind the needs of all visitors. Additionally, the park provides rental services for strollers and wheelchairs, ensuring that everyone, regardless of mobility, can enjoy their visit.

Location of Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura Benidorm is ideally situated in the picturesque coastal city of Benidorm, known for its vibrant atmosphere and stunning beaches. Nestled in the region of Alicante, on Spain's eastern coast, the park is a standout attraction in this popular tourist destination.

The address of Terra Natura Benidorm is:

Terra Natura Benidorm
Foya del Verdader 1,
03502 Benidorm,
Alicante, Spain.

Website of Terra Natura Benidorm

Terra Natura Benidorm, visit their official website: www.terranatura.com

This website provides comprehensive information about the park, including ticket prices, opening hours, event schedules, and detailed descriptions of the different zones and attractions. It's also a great resource for planning visits, with tips on how to get the most out of the Terra Natura experience.


Terra Natura Benidorm stands out not just as a destination for animal lovers but as a holistic experience that blends education, conservation, and entertainment. Its unique approach to showcasing wildlife, combined with its commitment to conservation and education, makes it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Spain. Whether you are a family looking for an enjoyable day out, a nature enthusiast keen to learn about wildlife, or someone looking to understand more about conservation efforts, Terra Natura offers something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Terra Natura Benidorm?

Terra Natura Benidorm is a unique wildlife park in Benidorm, Spain, offering visitors a 'zooimmersion' experience with animals in naturalistic habitats

What are the main zones in Terra Natura Benidorm?

The park is divided into four zones: Pangea, America, Asia, and Europe, each showcasing the flora, fauna, and culture of these geographic regions

Does Terra Natura Benidorm participate in conservation efforts?

Yes, Terra Natura is actively involved in conservation, participating in European Endangered species Programmes (EEP) and supporting global conservation projects

Are there family-friendly activities at Terra Natura Benidorm?

Absolutely, the park offers educational shows, interactive exhibits, and the adjacent Aqua Natura water park, making it ideal for family visits

Is Terra Natura Benidorm accessible for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, the park is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring wheelchair-friendly paths, accessible facilities, and rentals for strollers and wheelchairs